You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.  ~Clay P. Bedford

Accreditation and Teachers
Programs that are accredited have demonstrated their commitment to go beyond the state’s minimum licensing requirements. When a center is awarded accreditation they are meeting very rigorous national standards in health, safety, administration and teacher qualifications, curriculum, communication and community involvement. To maintain their certification, an accredited center must continually exceed high national child care standards. We are striving to obtain this recognition and in the program to meet this goal.
Our teachers hold the highest standards for quality care and meeting the developmental needs of the children in our program. They have all been selected based upon experience, interviews, reference checks and clearance of criminal background screenings. They all meet the state educational requirements. It is more than just a job it is their passion and the commitment they make daily to the children shows in the level of professionalism they display. Our teachers are continually attending trainings through Children’s service Network, NAEYC the local colleges and our professional development program. Teachers and caregivers are expected to base their work on their knowledge of each child’s age and developmental level, his or her individual needs, and the family’s culture. They enhance and support children’s intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth and development, ensuring that learning occurs across these domains. The teachers will  communicate constructively with children, their parents, and each other.

Low student to teacher ratio

Our low teacher-to-student ratios allow teachers to focus on the individual learning styles and needs of each child in our center.

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